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At One26 Home Loans we offer the following types of home loans.  You can click on each loan type to find out its advantages and disadvantages and to help you understand how that type of loan may be used. One26 Home Loans are here to walk you through in selecting a “Suitable Home Loan” for your requirements.

After frustratingly waiting for months with my previous bank to approve an application to re-finance, I sought assistance from One26. I wanted a company that could handle all of my banking needs, where I spoke to a person, and everything was done promptly. The team at One26 are exceptional with their expertise in re-financing, insurance and superannuation. They made the whole experience stress-free and uncomplicated, and provided outstanding customer service by researching and providing timely answers to my many questions. I cannot thank them enough for all their advice and support.

Catherine Williams

Home Loans

Turn your DREAM home into a REAL home today.

Owner Occupied Splits

If your Home and Invesment Loans with us

  • Purchase, construction or refinance
  • Established, new or off-the-plan
  • Offset

Examples of rates outside the Investor Special….. 4.58% variable - Owner Occupied 4.08% variable – Investor

One26 Home Loan Rates

Fixed Rate with Offset Account

Standard Variable with Offset

Self Managed Super Fund Loan

Fixed Rate with Offset Comparison Rate
1 Year 4.43% 4.72%
2 Year 4.43% 4.70%
3 Year 4.48% 4.70%
4 Year 4.88% 4.82%
5 Year 4.88% 4.84%

Our Fixed Rate loan puts you in control. It combines a fully featured home loan with all the benefits of a transactional 100% offset account and lets you see at a glance what you owe and what you own because the offset balance is shown separately.

Turn your DREAM home into a REAL home today.


Loan Amount Minimum $10,000. No Maximum (conditions apply)
Term 30 years P & I, initial Interest Only period of 10 years allowed. (If LVR over 90%, must be P&I).
Repayments Weekly, Fortnightly & Monthly. Automatically debited to 100% Offset
Additional Repayments Repayments of $20,000 per annum for fixed portion from date of settlement or conversion if being paid into loan – unlimited if paid into 100% Offset
Statements Monthly with 100% Offset Account. Every 6 Months without.
100% Offset Account Yes
Redraw Yes
Internet & Phone Banking Yes


Monthly Fee $10
Establishment Fee $350
Valuation Allowance Fee $300 (covers the valuation of one security to the value of $500K in a metro area). If the cost is greater than $300 you will be notified.
Settlement Fee $290
Legal Fee $425. Professional fees to the panel solicitor, plus sundries
Construction Fee $650 (if applicable).

Turn your DREAM home into a REAL home today.

All rates correct as at the 24 May 2016

Why Choose One26 For Your Home Loan?

We Come To You

We Come to You | One26 Home Loans We understand that life gets pretty busy and finding time to get to an appointment can be difficult. That’s why we come to you – wherever you are, at a time that suits you. Your home; A coffee shop; Your work; At One26 Home Loans we believe that the journey of getting a home loan should be easy. So whether you’re buying your first home, investing, upgrading, refinancing, building or renovating – we’ll get you sorted.

Brilliant Service

Excellent Service | One26 Home Loans There’s service. Then there’s One26 Financial Service. A lot of companies talk about their service, but we are so confident that we back our Brilliant Service with a money back guarantee. We make your home loan journey an experience that will have you talking to your friends.

Loan Concierge

Loan Concierge Service | One26 Home Loans Our friendly Loan Concierges come to your home to “install your home loan”. Your new account set-up is explained in an easy to understand manner and they get you up and running with Internet Banking – showing you how to make transfers and payments and navigate the site right next to you.

Beyond The Loan

Beyond The Loan | One26 Home Loans Our service doesn’t end once the loan settles. We continue to provide any support you need to keep your home loan up to date and running smoothly.

Turn your DREAM home into a REAL home today.

Bridging Loan

Bridging loans are for people who wish to purchase a new home now and sell their current home later. Most lenders give the customers at least 9 months to sell their house (sometimes up to 12 months). A bridging loan provides flexibility when moving from one house to another (without having to wait for the sale of the current property). The interest rate on a bridging home loan is usually the same as a standard variable loan. Features:

  • A bridging loan ensures that a customer will not miss out on a desired property because they haven’t sold their home as yet.
  • The customer will usually pay interest only during the bridging period, rather than principal and interest.
  • The interest charged to the new loan could either be paid by the customer or capitalised (added to the loan and paid out when the original property is sold).
  • When the original property is sold, the proceeds are used to pay down the bridging loan and you commence normal repayments from then on.
  • Allows the customer to move into their new house straight away instead of having to move into a rental property after their property is sold and while they are looking for a property to purchase.
  • A bridging loan allows you to negotiate from a position of strength. Rather than having to sell your home quickly you will be able to take your time and obtain the best possible sale price for your current home.
  • A strong financial position including  an adequate equity in your existing home is required for this type of loan, because there will be two loans running concurrently for a period of time.

Introductory or Honeymoon Variable Rate

The Introductory or the “Honeymoon” interest rates are normally a set margin below the standard variable rate. If the standard variable rate moves up or down then the discounted rate also moves up or down. Advantages:

  • Usually the lowest interest rates available on the market.
  • Some banks provide an offset account on these loans.
  • Usually have the same features as standard variable loans.


  • Once the “honeymoon” rate is over, your loan will be revert to standard variable rate which usually is at a higher rate.
  • You do not have an option to switch to another “honeymoon” product.
  • The repayments will increase after the honeymoon period, so perhaps consider a basic variable loan.

Lines Of Credit

Line of credit has a facility that allows you consolidate your debts into one easy to manage loan. It simplifies your finances and can save you in interest payments and bank fees. It is a revolving credit facility allowing you to draw available funds whenever you want. These loans can be repaid or drawn down at any time. Line of credit products are essentially a transaction account and a home loan rolled into one account. Advantages

  • Can consolidate other higher interest debts into this loan.
  • It is suitable for investors as they can draw funds without the need for a loan application.
  • These loans are very flexible. You can have multiple sub-accounts, which can be used for different loan purposes e.g. home loan, investment loan, renovations and debt consolidation.
  • Access your line of credit using cheque book, telephone, internet banking.
  • Direct Salary Credit is available.


  • You need to be disciplined with the use of your available funds as you can redraw your equity up to the set limit at any time.
  • As the minimum repayment is usually interest only, discipline with your spending is the key as there are no set principal repayments.
  • The interest rate is usually higher than standard variable or professional package types of loan package.

Offset Account

This is a standard variable loan with an attached savings/transaction account. The interest rate on the offset account is normally the same as on the loan. Any money you put into the offset (savings) account is deducted from your loan balance before interest is calculated. Advantages:

  • The transaction account can have an ATM card. Most have access to Internet and phone banking.
  • Has the benefit of potentially saving you interest whilst being able to access your funds at anytime.
  • The home loan can effectively be paid off quicker than the set loan term by the savings generated by the offset account.

Standard & Basic Loans

Standard Variable

Standard Variable loan means the interest rate can vary throughout the life of the loan. When the Reserve Bank of Australia alters the “cash rate”, it normally has a direct impact on the standard variable interest rate offered by lending institutions. Standard loan term is 30 years.Some features of Standard Variable Loan:

  • If interest rates fall, your repayments will decrease and vice versa.
  • You can make additional repayments without incurring a penalty at any time.
  • Redraw facility is available. Depending on lenders, some have minimum amount redraw with redraw fee and others offer this fee free.
  • Some lenders have an ongoing fee.
  • Switch to a fixed interest rate at anytime.
  • Split your loan up to 4 splits.

Basic Variable

Some lenders are now offering basic or “no frills” variable loans with lower interest rates.

Fixed Options

Available from most lenders.

Turn your DREAM home into a REAL home today.